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Kalkulo is a Norwegian technology company that provides cutting edge software solutions for complex challenges, in particular for companies in the energy sector.


To deliver the best possible results, we work actively with our clients to translate their domain expertise into software that interfaces smoothly with their existing or emerging workflows. In this way you will be able to bring your data to life, access valuable information, and make better decisions that will improve your business.

Achilles Id: 60049

Achilles Id: 60049


Bridging research and industry

We have wide expertise across the areas of applied mathematics, computational physics, computer science, data analysis, scientific visualization, and geoscience, which allows us to provide services to the most ambitious companies. We act as an efficient bridge between the frontiers of computationally oriented research and the accelerating needs of industry, delivering exactly the tools you need to get the job done - on time and on spec.


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Case study: MetOcean - monitoring ice-covered waters

Case study:
MetOcean - monitoring ice-covered waters