Tailored software solutions

In 2006, Kalkulo was originally founded for the purpose of performing the technology development tasks in a comprehensive and long-term R&D collaboration between Statoil and Simula Research Laboratory. Since then, the numbers of projects and clients have grown substantially. Still, the core of Kalkulo's business remains the same - to provide software solutions that are tailored to effectively help solving the challenges that our clients face. In such development processes we listen carefully to our customers and pull their domain expertise into the design, implementation, and deployment of the software. The better this collaboration evolves, the better will the final product be.

As company, Kalkulo provides a wide range of competencies on modeling and software development. Thus, we can address challenges across many disciplines. In addition, we have specialized competence on modeling in the areas of oil and gas, wind energy, and computational medicine. By browsing our presentations of selected projects and technologies, you will see good examples of what we can achieve for you. Several of the solutions we have developed have become important tools for our customers, and are often seen as competitive advantages. 

Can you not find the right software tool for your challenge? Please feel free to contact us to discuss a tailored solution. 

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