Oil and Gas

Software tools for
Exporation and production

Over more than a decade, Kalkulo has worked closely together with innovative companies in the oil and gas sector to create tailored software tools that improve their capability to locate new oil and gas prospects and to maximize the value of their investments. Several of these tools are showcased among our selected projects and in our technology overview.


Geoscientific consulting

Through close collaboration with industrial experts and development of several novel software tools for E&P, Kalkulo has built a strong competence on how to effectively use such tools in geoscientific studies. We are offering you this competence for commissioned studies or for adding technical capacity to your own team. In many cases, such consulting is based on, or even extending, the 4DPlates technology originally developed for Statoil/Equinor.


Strategic advice

Utilizing world-class industrial experience in oil and gas exploration, internally as well as in our extensive professional network, Kalkulo can be the source for strategic advice in connection to new initiatives and campaigns. We can also be a valuable partner for strategic discussions on digitalization.


Field trips

Building on our global network of geoscientific experts, Kalkulo can offer field trips designed to expose geological features that are relevant to many E&P challenges. Some of these trips are offered openly to any interested party, but we can also provide tailored excursions for closed groups with specific agendas. In addition to providing new or deeper understanding of the target area or target process, field trips are also an excellent opportunity for building and focusing your team.


Are you missing important steps in your E&P workflow, or do you need more minds to fight tough deadlines? Please feel free to contact us to discuss solutions for the oil and gas business. 

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