"A picture is worth a thousand words" - this phrase is even more valid when moving from the flat 2D imagery to 3D volumetric visualization of objects that might even change with the 4th dimension of time. Turning the bags of numbers coming from measurements or computations into properly colored and lighted scenes in 3D space, possibly animated over time, adds tremendous value to the interpretation of the underlying data sets.

Kalkulo has strong competence in advanced visualization of complex data sets, with special emphasis on applications in geoscience and medicine. Most software tools that we develop for our clients include functionality for advanced visualization.

One of our flagship applications in the oil and gas domain is 4DPlates, which relies heavily on interactive 3D rendering of transient geological data of varying resolution and spatial extent.

Other examples include the Pacertool application that is used in surgery, combined with live x-ray imaging, to decide the patient-specific placement of pacemaker electrodes on the heart wall. We have also, over several years, developed advanced visualization software for stereoscopic 3D visualization. This software is extremely powerful and has several features not commonly found in other visualization systems. Also this solution is targeted at the medical sector, delivering interactive visualization of patient-specific data to the surgeon in the operating room.


A picture is worth a thousand words..!  Please feel free to contact us to discuss how advanced visualization can add value to your business.

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